Our Community of Labels

I Am Shark

Alongside releasing soundtracks, I Am Shark, has been working and developing some staple indie artists at their core, With a strong connection in the post rock and instrumental rock scene, the label focuses on special vinyl releases and interactive content with the artists. 


Flesh & Bone Records

Flesh & Bone Records is enriching the very DIY scene that it praises and models their rising collective after. With a wide spread variety of solo artists, indie and electronic styles, as well as rising shoe gaze bands, the label excels at creating the most innovative packaging and artwork combination for every single release.  



Paperbox Records

Starting as a reissue and archival focused label, Paperbox Records is now home to disperse the many musical faces of owner Troy Messerall (Bells & Whistles, Signal Home, more) and tuned friends.  From elegant minimalist soundscapes to discordant and aggressive hardcore projects, this label will continue to set a passionate tone in the music scene.