I Am Shark Music Group is a boutique music publisher and library featuring the premier indie rock, and alternative artists in the industry. A one stop shop for all of your music needs. Bands and labels included, we are the hardest working collective around.



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We work with artists that directly influence our passion in music and business. Even with the diversity of genres, they all invoke those similar feelings of excitement and motivation to create within the same space.

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 Photo Credit:  ms.akr

Photo Credit: ms.akr

Our one-stop shop catalog is the fastest and cheapest way to get music for your project. From single track licensing to custom production music, I Am Shark Music Group is most efficient way to amplify your vision.

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 Check out our extensive music library integrated straight on to a brand new web platform.  This new system makes is easy for you to search on terms. Find the perfect song by tempo, genre, mood, lyric content and a million other details to fit your project.

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